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Happy Boat Day™ System - INCLUDING OUR BONUS Happy Boat Day™ Kit

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It's time to sell your boat but you don't know where to start?

Try the Happy Boat Day™ System

The Happy Boat Day™ System navigates your way through "boater to boater" selling.  This is a relationship selling system not your "one and done" selling system.  When you are interested in finding a good home for your boat the Happy Boat Day™ System can help.

Let your focus be on building trust through honest and truthful communication.  From start to finish you'll learn GUEST Treatment, avoiding the pitfalls of emotional selling, complete our Treasure Hunt of finding your documents before it's too late, all of which leads to our Happy Boat Day celebration where you transition your boat to the next owner.

This guide is over 50 pages of marketing tips and hints.  The Happy Boat Day™ System is an **INSTANT DOWNLOAD** guide so you won't waste any time waiting for snail mail.  As soon as you decide to join the Happy Boat Day™ System - the guide will be in your inbox.

BONUS:  The Happy Boat Day™ Kit includes a "Free Until It's Sold" boat listing on

AND the Happy Boat Day™ Kit includes 25 downloadables to help you stay organized to market your boat successfully.  Including calling and follow up logs, Treasure Hunt checklist of important documents, templates for easy sign creation, and items to support your Happy Boat Day™ Celebration.

Wait... There's More!  You'll receive a free T shirt "REWARD" when you complete your Treasure Hunt!

AND the new owner of your boat will receive a Happy Boat Day™ Gift Boat Tote.

Welcome to the Happy Boat Day™ Family we are looking forward to seeing photos of your celebration.

Thank you for helping the next generation of boaters! 

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY:  Start with a free 7 day Boat For Sale Listing on - just click here!




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