About Us

Welcome to Hello Nautical by Pontoon Girl®


"Hello Nautical"... it's Roxanne! 

Between shifts at our family marina I'm looking for ways to make waves, let's be honest, I'm looking for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

However... I started the brand Pontoon Girl® to "Make Waves" and make women a force in the boating marketplace.  It's a heavily dominated male industry where the main mission is how fast the boat goes.


Well, who wants to slow it down?
Who wants to simplify?

This is your place for the Easy Breezy Nautical Lifestyle in your home.

Why wait for your next boat ride when a T-shirt on your back, a pillow on your couch, or a beach towel in your bathroom can make you hear the waves and feel the sun kiss your skin.


Beach Towels... work in the bathroom, too!


I've spent my entire life in the boating industry and recently I was honored with the "Darlene Briggs Marine Woman of the Year" in the entire industry... cool right? 

Being a woman in the industry gives me a different perspective on how to experience the water.

Our family marina was also awarded the title National Marina of the Year which has given me a platform to share lots of tips for enjoying boating, recommending amazing products that work, and to make my main passion a reality...

My Passion is to Make Boating "Girly"!

This is why I started Hello Nautical by Pontoon Girl®.  To grow the nautical lifestyle and get women on the waves.

Here's how we do it...

WATER - Freedom on the Waves
SUN - Rest and Relaxation with Sun Kissed Skin
FRIENDS - Entertaining and Making Memories

It's crazy but when most people start their love of boating it's the result of one day on the water.  They either invited on a friend's boat or they decided to rent a boat.  Often this happens on vacation... then they get home and think of all the fun times they had on the waters and they start searching for a boat.

Our products let you enjoy the nautical lifestyle at home.  We like to say it's "Boating until you are boating again"

I hope you love our nautical lifestyle products.


Forever water,


Pontoon Girl®


PS:  If you do start looking for a boat... just remember picking a boat is like picking shoes, they need to look great and be comfortable.