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Black & Red - Personalized Boating Rope - Boat Tie Line - Mooring and Docking Line

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Knots About You!

Personalized Tie Lines for your boat

You choose size AND Name

How cute! You can get your name or the name of your boat.  The name of the body of water, the name of your captain... really what ever you can think of... It's a great idea for using at restaurants or during flotillas because you will never get your tie lines confused again. 

How do you pick the right size? Start with your cleat!  Many pontoon boats have small cleats which will only hold a 3/8" line.  However, as pontoon boats have evolved the cleat size has moved to hold a 1/2" line.  Typically larger boats hold 5/8" lines. My recommendation is for a 1/2" line if your cleat can handle it... it's just a better all around decision for wind/storms/strength.

Ideas; Captain Name, Body of Water, Alumni School Colors, Boat Name, New boater idea... Green (Starboard = Right) and Red (Port = Left)

This is the Black & Red option - just width, length and words for the ropes.


How do I tell you the words I want personalized?  During the check out process there is a "add note to seller" field where you'll type in what you want for words!


20' x 1/2" is the Most Common Size Purchased

ROPE QUALITY:  Floating Mooring Line made of soft touch multifilament polypropylene, UV resistant and color fast, mildew and rot resistant, flexible in any weather, oversized cleat loop, high yield strength.



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Personalized Tie Lines - Original Colors

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