Valentines-Day-Boat-Party-Ideas-No Sugar-and-Easy

The "Not So Sweet" Valentines Day Boat Party Ideas

I found these amazing and cute ideas on Pinterest -- I wanted to share them because they are so easy.  

The links are included because they lead back to even more fun. 

But you'll notice, I picked healthy alternatives to sugars and candy AND I picked things that even I could create.



Heart Fruit Salad

I love watermelon cut into shapes AND look at the cute strawberry slices... natural hearts.  As or the white things, still trying to figure out what they are!



Heart Ice Cubes

Not that having an ice cube tray shaped as a heart is enough... put  Pomegranates into the water and you have a very festive and very easy treat!



Heart Summer Sausage

This is my new favorite.  Anytime you can do something this cute and this easy... yikes and it's summer sausage, YUMMMMMMMM


Items to order to make your life easier: 

Heart Cookie Cutter

Heart Ice Cube Tray