Super Boat - Football Party Ideas

These are a few ideas that I found on Pinterest... and they are "SUPER".

The links below will get you the recipes, but like I always say,


If you don't have time to make dip, buy it assemble into the football stadium.  You've got to admit that when you look at the "two tray" system, that's brilliant.  One to pre make the "field" and one to hold space for the field while you make the stadium. HUGE time and frustration saver!

As for the mason jars.  Super cute, but if you don't have time to whip out the pattern on your cutting machine, just use white duct tape cut into several strips... then just put on the jar!  It's going to give you the same effect. 

But remember, if you're on a boat you might want to use the plastic version of the mason jars.  And they even come with the cute straws.  Click Here.

Plastic Mason Jars CLICK HERE

Super Bowl Slammer Recipe CLICK HERE


Snack Stadium - CLICK HERE


Oreo "no bake" football cookies - CLICK HERE