Simple Noodle Hacks - Perfect for the Pontoon Boat that Even I can do!

Super simple noodle hacks that I never thought of!  I have renamed these "Pontoon noodles" and the reason I am writing this is because it's almost spring, which got me thinking about spring cleaning, and that made me think... I wonder what ideas there are for reusing pool noodles.

The internet is great... there are lots of ideas, but these caught my eye.

So via the magic of Pinterest, here are my favorite Pontoon Noodle hacks that even I can do!


Floating Ice Cooler

Look at this... a super easy and quick way to get a cooler on the water! I never would have thought of that!


Comfy Foot Rest

You've got to try this, I know it's a patio table, but the railings on your boat are prime foot relaxing places, and they're... well... OUCH so this looks like a great hack!


Pontoon Dog Raft

Tiny tiny holes in your inflatable simply don't exist with this floating raft for dogs... just get "pontoon noodles" and some PVC Pipes.  AWESOME!



Thanks again for visiting - to make it even easier, I did your shopping.  Here are links to pontoon noodles and PVC pipes!

Pontoon Noodles

PVC Pipes