Sandy - Getting to Know Our Pontoon Girl®

Pontoon Girl® Sandy


Birthday: October 17 - Libra

Purpose: The Leeward Life Newsletter, Recipes/Drinks/Music for Epic Nautical Outings

Passion: Creating the Vibe on a Boat

Mission: Turning the “ho hum” into “oh wow”



When Sandy says party… it’s a done deal.  The party will be epic.  She calls it a gift, turning the “ho hum” into “oh wow”.   Pirate themes serve grog.  There are memories of the Love Boat theme with Captain hats…

But even she will admit that the once perfect “Gilligan’s Island” theme party should have been thought through a little better… she said, “I mean… sure the radar had a giant red blob spiraling toward the water… but how stinking perfect is an actual three hour tour with an actual storm!  By the way… ‘Lovey’ is still pissed about it… don’t bring it up.”

After the storm she managed to pitch the idea of a calm chill vibe for the store with a newsletter aptly titled, “The Leeward Life”.  Buffy was still miffed, but thought that recipes and drink suggestions are a good idea for the soul of a Nautical Life… then she hair-flipped loved the idea.  And hugged Sandy… but only once. 

The vibeologist of the group really can make a party out of every outing… she’s just not allowed to be in charge of weather reports anymore.