Practical Pontoon Girl® -BonusFour

 Can one person make a difference on water quality?


The easiest thing you can do is be conscious of what you put on your skin.


The sunblock you use can have a negative impact on the reef, even though it's far far away!


Sunblock is not the same as sun screen.  Sun block repels the radiation from the sun... while sun screen let's it absorb into your skin... just a little tid bit to shock you.

Finally... this companies hand sanitizer rocks!  OMG... it's the lightest feeling best smelling spray you'll encounter.  AND it's good for the reef (which is likely far far away). 

My coupon code will get you a discount on sunblock... not the hand sanitizer.  But seriously... check out their cute gift packs.  Might make a great gift for one of your Pontoon Girl® friends!

All Stream 2 Sea Kits



Thanks for enjoying the Practical Pontoon Girl® Series.  

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 Interesting video!