Pontoon Girl - DIY - Nautical Ornament

This is one of the easiest DIY Ornament activities ever! 

You can make it as elaborate or simple as you'd like.

Easy instructions:  Shove a photo of your pontoon boat in a glass ornament and hang on tree...

Better instructions:  Cut the photo of  your pontoon boat in a circle, poke a hole in the top and use thread to attach to the inside of the cap of a glass ornament - roll photo and push in the ornament - use a tweezers to unroll... add sand or shells as desired. Put cap on... and decorate the top with a shell or bow. 

When you're done... You have a custom ornament of your pontoon boat!

I want to see photos of your finished ornament. Install the free Pontoon Girl app and use the photo share feature! 


How did I get the idea?   I was searching on Pinterest

First I came across someone who created with their house


Next I found the dogs...


Next I found Nautical


Next I found the child at the beach

Love the sand and shells - especially on top!


The house made me think of pontoon boats!  Remember you can use glitter, sand, Epsom salt, garland, or the metallic icicles to help decorate!

Just roll and go

Here are even better instructions on how to accomplish this project... Click Here.

Shopping list: Glass Ornaments