Misty - Getting to Know Our Pontoon Girl®

Pontoon Girl® Misty


Birthday: January 23... "1-2-3" - Aquarius

Job Expertise: The Calming Seas Collection, BoaterDog.com also loves to share inspirational quotes and she's the Pinner of the group

Passion: Dogs and Love – she can’t decide.

Mission: Dogs on a boat and "In love with love"



Misty loves dogs and is “in love with love”.  Both qualities have found a place in Buffy Waters online.  It’s given her an outlet to share her dog safety tips with the world along with the tranquil side of life.  Yes, she is the Romantic Chill Artist of the group. 

She’s the friend that when everything is going wrong finds something to be positive about…

Remember the storm we don’t talk about with Jetty and Buffy?  Yeah… while there’s a great quote out there by Elizabeth Edwards, “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”   It’s not advised to recite it while Evelyn is running wide open trying to “see” the channel as lightening crackles across the sky.

She loves a good laugh referring to the storm as “just a little Hallmark Movie rain” but secretly this is the inspiration of The Calming Seas line… she’s able to express her passion for the water and build a calming vibe for the girls. It’s totally Buffy approved.  Misty loves that… and dogs.