Jetty - Getting to Know Our Pontoon Girl®

Pontoon Girl® Jetty


Birthday: December 5 - Sagittarius

Job Expertise: Practical Pontoon Girl series AND drop shipping guru

Passion: Safe and Easy Boating

Mission: reining in the crazy, motto... “think it through”



There was this one time at sand camp… the girls were in the flotilla and Jetty heard a thud.  The next boat over was full of bachelorettes and were all staring at the floor… their friend tripped coming up the stairs.  That’s when all those former lifeguard skills flooded back.

She may be bossy and assumes the role of “she who reins in the crazy” but… dang it. She’s the go to that makes it safe and easy to get on the water.

Her confidence and take control attitude can be accompanied with a snippy remark, or two, but she is the one that remembers the cups for drinks, the battery charger for the phone, the fold up disposable rain ponchos, and most important a garbage bag.  The last two are not to be confused.  True story… although you can poke holes in a garbage bag and wear it to stay dry, DO not bring this story up when Buffy is around.

There is a truce between the gals, now… but it was kinda ugly for a while.  That was until Jetty fired off about 18 boating tips to all the girls via email.  The girls renamed it the Practical Pontoon Girl series and it became a mandatory reading for anyone riding on the boat.   

Buffy absolutely loved the series and made it part of the Buffy Waters experience and even had Jetty add some bonus deals along the way… They hugged…. while eye rolling.