Frame It! DIY Nautical Craft Project

This is a super simple "bring the boat in your house" project.

Look through your phone... pick four photos you really like that represent your summer.  Print. Frame. Hang.

Now... it's a little more complicated because you need to consider

1) Subject
2) Colors

If you just put four random photos on your wall, it will just look like photographs on the wall.

The goal with this project is to evoke an emotions.

Therefore, consider the subject... meaning.... is it kids, family, waves, wildlife, boat,

Pick one theme and choose four photos.

Then next area to consider is... color!  Are you in blues, pinks, yellows, B&W.  Pick from the same color range and you'll be happier with the result.

I took a quick look through my camera and came up with vibrant sunsets at our marina's dock number two.

Imagine if I had these created in 11" x 14" framed photos -- it would look like art on the wall!