Evelyn - Getting to Know Our Pontoon Girl®

Meet Pontoon Girl® Evelyn


Birthday: September 22 Virgo

Also known as: The girl with the boat and the last rose of summer

Job Expertise: In Charge of PontoonGirl.com AND CleanBoaterPledge.com - she's also in charge of our Birthday Club

Passion: Boating

Mission: Share the boating lifestyle and promote clean waters



Being born on the last day of summer has intensified this gal’s passion for all things summer.  Evelyn is “the girl with the boat” and she loves the boating life.  She loves the wind in her hair, spray on her face, even that little twinge of too much sun on her nose.  She wants “boat hair!”  She also wants stories and memories she makes with friends while cruising the waters.  She just cherishes the photos she hangs on her “wall of fame” from all the good times the Pontoon Girls share together. 

Oh yeah… The water brings peace to her soul.

Her mission is to share the boating life with EVERYONE. She loves the chance to be “loving the lifestyle” on others that’s why she started Pontoon Girl.  “She bought a boat…so can you” is her mantra… well that and super duper clean waters.

The passion in this “take action” gal is immense.  We’ll save you the trouble of her speech… just become a clean boater. Take the pledge.  (trust us, she really wants you to take it)

Her purpose is to get as many people “on board” with the simple mission of clean waters.  Starting with sunblock.  Yep. As she says… “don’t harm you, don’t harm the waters, pick the right sunblock for daughters!”  Cheesy, we know… but it’s all Evelyn.  She is an affiliate of Stream2Sea - a reef friendly product... so you'll save 10% if you click here!

PS: she has a boat… be nice and she’ll invite you for a day on the waters.  Join her birthday club and she’ll send you a special treat on your special day!