Ember - Getting to Know Our Pontoon Girl®

Pontoon Girl® Ember


Birthday: Leap Day, February 29 - Pieces

Job Expertise: Top 10 Party Lakes and State Word Art Collections, AND Postcards from the Boat

Passion: Friends

Mission: To be around her friends.



Way in the back corner of the boat, curled up in a blanket is Ember.  Don’t confuse her stargazing with contentment, she’s friggin cold.  She’s always cold. 

She’s also a little bitter that she’s a leap year girl. She remembers her mom asking which day she wanted to celebrate February 28 or March 1… she said, “BOTH” so depending on the year its’ either a 48 or 72 hour party. 

She is the evening cruise enthusiast, a title she wears proudly.  She likes the day cruises, but the night time slow it down glow of the boat just is her element.

She is a little mysterious in the way she guards herself.  What we do know is she loves her resort town.  But is intrigued that other towns exist… all over the country.  She’s been to several areas and loves collecting postcards from the cute waterfronts.  It’s kind of nostalgic and outdated, but there’s something about getting a postcard from a far away town that feels like home.

She was doodling one day and made a wall hanging… Buffy loved it and it quickly became a part of the State Word Art Series.  “I think the design came from my passion for being on the water with my friends.  Evelyn always says, ‘water. Sun. friends.’ So the design just kinda flowed.” She mentioned from the back of the boat.  Although she appears to be alone in the corner… she’s not, she’s highly entertained by her friends.  The giggling warms her up.