There's a Whole Lot of Sun and Fun on a Boat... But That Can Be a Bad Thing, Too.

There's a Whole Lot of Sun and Fun on a Boat... But That Can Be a Bad Thing, Too.

There’s a whole lot of fun in the sun waiting on a boat – but the opposite side of this is true if you're not careful.

Today’s topic is both Hydration and sunblock!

The sun in moderation is good.  Too much sun and you could end up dehydrated and burnt.  Both are no fun and can actually be a medical hazard on the lake.
Even though you are surrounded by water, it seems ironic you can become dehydrated, but both the sun and drinking alcohol will contribute.  Be careful and be mindful of your guests!  (Hey… another thing if your group is the out of control partying type… make sure to them to use a garbage bag, plastic style OR vomit over the edge of the boat – no one wants that in the head…)

As for sunblock – you can really help the environment by using a reef friendly product.  It seems crazy if you’re far from the ocean, but reef friendly also translates in to local eco systems and the fishies you find at home.  The research that shows the toxins of one swimmer with traditional sunblock multiplied by all the swimmers every day all summer long really shows that this is a top way to help with environmental friendly practices!

Another benefit of a reef friendly sun block is that it blocks the sun’s radiation from penetrating the skin. 


Yes, if you use a traditional sun block you wait for the lotion to seep into the skin and then the sun’s radiation enters the skin and is blocked at that point – where as a reef friendly product actually blocks the harmful rays from penetrating your skin! Crazy but true.


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