Right Life Jacket... Right You

Right Life Jacket... Right You

Tip #9

This is one of those topics I love to share with people.  When you are sizing life jackets be aware that not every life jacket “rights” you!

I always thought this was the purpose of a life jacket, then I found out that only a Type I will right you in most situations.  Righting means to turn a person over so their face is out of the water. Type II will right some users.  And a Type III are not designed to right you. 


YES!  But make sure you have the appropriate type of life jacket, especially for infants and toddlers.  There are videos on YouTube that show some life jackets hindering a child that swims.  The jacket fights against their skill level and holds them face down.  That’s a little scary, but now you’re aware and can purchase accordingly!


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