Plunk... Gurgle... I Hope You Have Insurance on Your Cell Phone

Plunk... Gurgle... I Hope You Have Insurance on Your Cell Phone


Tip #3

Other than keeping your phone in your car, how do you make sure you have a dry phone onboard?

Well, it’s not super difficult.  Sure… there are more ways for it to get wet, but other than dropping it overboard get a dry bag.

A dry bag can come in handy for your clothes, wallet, purse, cash… and phone.  But what if you want to use your phone.

Insert rolling eyes… you’re on a boat, other than checking the GPS, Weather, or submitting your photos to Pontoon Girl (hint) – enjoy the beautiful nature around you!  Put the phone in a dry bag… ok but you can also get a waterproof case, preferably one that floats.

What if you’re, “asking for a friend” and they forgot a dry bag… get a garbage bag, just like tip one talked about – no vanity needed… keeping the phone dry is the goal!  Use a zip lock – that’s an amazing idea too.

But what happens if you drop it in the water.  Bummer. Depending on how deep it is, make sure you have insurance ahead of time… otherwise start swimming for it.  But one piece of advice that’s super easy and cheap, it’s your just incase back up plan.  Bring a zip lock with rice.


Yes… it’s not a 100% sure way of drying a phone out… but it has worked for me before.  Check your warranty, sometimes if they find rice parts in your phone they void the warranty.  Hummmmm

Just don’t drop your phone in the water.


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