How Slow is Too Slow When Docking A Boat?

How Slow is Too Slow When Docking A Boat?

pontoon girl practical boating tips on docking a boat

The question is how slow is too slow for docking a boat?  The answer is in nearly every situation there really isn’t a too slow option.

Outside of my dad who can dock a boat quickly... I don't know of too many people that can make a boat stop on a dime.  When we were kids he’d bring a boat into our slip at fast speed, cut the engine and it would just stop.  I really have no idea how this magic occurred, my sister tried it and ran the boat up on the dock – it was funny.  Except that my dad caught her doing it and well, he was not impressed.

Anyway… the best advice is to go slow.

Often at a minimal speed or even idle. Reduce the speed to where it still engages in steering.  This way you have control but you are at a safe speed so you will not hit something. 

It is true that the sharpest turns can be made at the slowest speeds, but to do this you just might need to throw it in and out of gear… it takes practice.  Don’t be afraid of that word.  Practice is very important in improving all skills, boat driving included.


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