Four Things You Must Have on Every Boat Ride

Four Things You Must Have on Every Boat Ride

What do a flashlight, mirror, garbage bags and duct tape have in common?

They are all things you need on your boat.  Even if it’s a day trip…   It might seem like a strange combination but start with duct tape.  It fixes anything.  From that small pinhole leak in your air mattress to an actual hole in your boat or hose…  It’s not a permanent cure all, but it sure can be a nice fix!

pontoon girl must haves on a boat to be prepared for anything
The garbage bags might seem like an obvious "go to" on a boat.  After all, there’s not a lot of room so it’s best to get the stinky garbage contained in a sack that repels water, right?!?!

But what about if it rains… ever thought of using one as an emergency poncho, what about capturing air in it as an emergency float, then of course it’s a great “dry bag” for phones and purses… and finally, if you have swimmers just get the wet towels in the bag before you get to the car!

The flashlight is obvious, you need to see things in dark area.  But have you ever thought of using one to signal help?  Think about it the next time you’re on the water, pretend you called for help, and look across the water, how big does that boat look?  But if you have a flashlight it does help to signal.

That’s why you need a mirror, reflect the sun… OR reflect the flashlight – it all helps with you need help!
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