Does Your Boat Smell?

Does Your Boat Smell?



Tip #16

Does your boat smell?

HA! You’re probably going to blame it on the water… but that’s not the stink I’m talking about. I’m talking about the two smells you must be aware of, that’s the smell you can smell and the smell you can’t.

Fuel is the one you can smell… and if you do you better take a look and see if you have a spill. Here’s why… From our fire safety training at the marina you have three things to create an explosion, that’s oxygen, fumes, and a spark.  YIKES that means on your boat at any given time you’ve got two of the three.

So when you smell something, take a moment and see if it’s normal or if you developed a problem. Hoses can become detached… so be careful.

Now the smell you can’t smell and that’s carbon monoxide.  YES, this is a thing… typically back by the motor/engine.  It can happen at slow speeds like when cruising a channel… or it can happen at idle when you’re at a dock… OR it can happen when you’re tied up in a flotilla and the person next to you has a leak… if you have a boat with a cabin – be careful, there are a number of sources on a boat for CO2

The best way to be aware of the carbon monoxide leak is to have a monitor.  New ones became available for sale on the market in the spring of 2019.  The difference in a boat ready detector and one you buy at the hardware store is the range in which it’s effective.  They typically work from extreme cold to extreme heat.  The one in your house does not have a wide range of effectiveness.

SO get yourself a detector and if you or your guests get ill or extremely tired, be aware that this smell that doesn’t smell could be present.


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