Does Your Boat Need to Go On A Diet?

Does Your Boat Need to Go On A Diet?


Tip #14

Do you have a fat boat? Well, here’s the deal, if you’re hosting a party you certainly can be!

On your boat you have a placard for the number of people or weight allowed on board.  This is a which ever comes first rule. 

Our marina rents pontoon and fishing boats and we run into this often when it comes to children. For example, on a fishing boat it states 4 people or 560lbs.  Well… if you have an adult that weights 150 and four kids that each weigh 50lbs… the weight is only 350lbs.  But that’s over the limit because the number of people is a maximum of 4!

Each body counts. 

Same holds true for three people weighing 200lbs… they also can’t go because their weight is 600lbs… again over the limit.

What’s worse is when you have an infant in the mix.  YES, an infant is considered equal as a 300lb person. 

It seems illogical but it’s meant for safety. 

The one quirk that people forget is that the placard means weight.  That’s gear, coolers, electric wheelchairs, even the motor, trolling motor… there are lots of things that contribute to weight.

Be aware and make sure your boat isn’t too fat!



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