Boats Are Just For Bikinis and Shorts... Right?!

Boats Are Just For Bikinis and Shorts... Right?!


Tip #15

When you think of a boat do you think of shorts and bikinis?


But what about during a storm?  How about if it’s cloudy?  What about if it’s really sunny?

What about if all of these things happen in the same 2 hour time on the boat?
YES!  This can and will happen.

Dressing in layers is important on a boat. There are times you’ll be hot so you shed a few layers, but then there are the time you get out of the water and are freezing cold… or even the time when you are running wide open across the water and it’s chilly. Night time cruises also get cool.

People think it’s ironic to have throw blankets on board, but it’s a smart idea… so are extra sweatshirts for guests.  Trust me, no one cares if it has holes, it’s old, smelly, or even too small… if it’s warm it’s perfect.

So take a moment and add a few warm things on your boat AND encourage your guests to bring an extra layer or even dress in layers… they will appreciate the tip.


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