Are You Trying to Make Your Friends Sick on A Boat?

Are You Trying to Make Your Friends Sick on A Boat?


You’ve invited friends for an amazing boat ride…

Then next day they talk about the stomach issues they have… how horrible would you feel?  Probably not as bad as them, but let’s prevent this by talking about food in the summer on a boat.

Be careful.  You are in the sun and heat.  If you want raw meat for the grill, you need to think about how you’re getting it on the boat to the grill… but also use HAND SANITIZER This is a must for everyone.  You’re swimming or using sun block…maybe even fishing… just have a bottle of Purell around.

That said, let’s talk about coolers because I learned a few things researching this topic! 

Each time you open a cooler, cold air escapes.  That seems like a no brainer, but what about this idea.  Have two coolers!  One for food and one for beverages.  GENIUS!

Next… keep the cooler in the shade.  Sometimes easier said than done on a boat, but you can put a blanket, or towel over it for shade.  Again, that’s a smart tip!
Here’s another idea, pre chill the items going in the cooler.  Sometimes you grab a 12-pack of soda that’s warm and put in the cooler. Take the time to buy or chill the 12pack. It will keep things around it cold longer…. Brilliant!

Idea:  Freeze the non-carbonated things like fruit juices, they thaw and actually help keep things cold in the mean time. 

This idea is super smart, go LIFO, Last In First Out.  Meaning, pack the cooler with the stuff you want first on top, or last in… it will prevent a lot of digging around and open cooler (lost cool air) time.

Finally… stop at the fast food place and get some condiment packets… it’s much safer to have ketchup or mustard in a small packet than a giant bottle that’s been open all day in the sun.  GROSS.



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