Happy Boat Show

I’ve spent the past weekend working at the Minneapolis Boat Show surrounded by all the newest and coolest boats.

Boat shows are a fun adventure, but I think they’re even more fun when you’re just looking.  Actually buying a boat can become overwhelming quickly.

Slow down and figure out what type of boater you are… when you know that the type of boat you’re looking for will become easy.

What type of boater are you?  Are you a day boater, overnight boater, really into activities or just a slow cruise type of individual?  If you have no idea what type of boater you are, join a boat club.  They typically have a variety of boats in a fleet.  This variety will allow you to test several styles and really get a good sense of who you are on the waters.  Visiting an area boat show is a great starting point to locate boat clubs.

Boat shows also have a variety of boats on floor to hop into and learn some basic styles and terminology.   When you finally know the style of boat, I recommend staying focused.  Make a list of all your “must have’s”.  It will make comparing boats much easier.

Oh my gosh, there is a big learning curve!  But it’s all worth it.  Start with our boat selector tool… it’s a great way to “rule out” boats!

Welcome to Boating!


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