To-Do: Sell Everything, Buy Boat, Sail Around World. Check.

Sometimes you wake up and get lost in someone else’s adventure.  When that adventure involves selling all your possessions, buying a boat, and sailing around the world, it makes you ponder your to-do list for the day?!

I’m not saying liquidate and run for the dock, but the photos of crystal blue waters sure do make you think twice…

You see I came across this article because I’m out of oatmeal. Ugh!  Instead, I grabbed a pack of Mini Oreo cookies and a Diet Pepsi and started making a list of what groceries I need… clearly breakfast foods (haha).   Then I thought, maybe everyone’s mundane check list could be modified with an escape story like the one I just read.

Please, be inspired by this couple’s story. (It’s awesome!)

I think we all need to add something adventurous to our list today.  Something crazy we get to check off.

Good luck with your list, I guarantee there is something fun you can fit on your list today… somewhere between oatmeal and sailing around the world!

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