Boating Risks: Carbon Monoxide Death Aboard Boat In Minnesota

I’ve attached the link to an article that you must read. Boating is a fantastic family event. But, as with every activity you must be aware of the risks.

Risks you may have in your awareness bucket include associations with swimming, falling, and general injuries.

This story highlights the rare but real carbon monoxide risk.  This did happen. It happened on my lake and as you see made the national news.  The weather was beautiful, 80 degrees in Minnesota in October.  And an 8 year old girl went in the cabin to take a nap.  She never woke up.

I was approached by a few customers about CO2 detectors on boats.  Yes, you can add one.  And yes, muskrats (critters) really do chew hoses if given the opportunity.

Don’t lose your passion for boating, just add this tragic story to your boating knowledge.

Please Read!

Source: Carbon Monoxide Death Aboard Boat In Minnesota | Boating Magazine

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