Great Tips for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Whether you’re on a stand up paddle board (SUP) from shore or you brought it with on your boat, there are some great safety features in the article I found here on the Daily Boater.   SUP’s are a fantastic way to get a little exercise while enjoying the waters.  You’ve got to use your common sense by practice safe boating habits, for example – wear a life jacket.  I mean, what good is it going to do if you hit your head falling off and the life jacket is strapped to the board?  Look at this as an opportunity to buy a cute new jacket that is just for paddle boarding.

That leads us into not being silly… it’s the same as riding a bike or walking.  The car can’t always see you – so don’t assume a boat can.  Here’s the fun part of a boat, might not hit you, but that wake can get pretty large and… SPLASH!  Take some time and watch out for boaters.

Finally – you’ve got to know when your board is a vessel – I’m thinking you can check with your local law agency, whether that’s coast guard or water patrol,  they’ll let you know before it costs you a license and fine. :)  #boatingrocks

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