Where to buy a boat… WOW, Top 100 Dealers Announced

Buying a boat can seem overwhelming, but if you look at it as a challenge you’ll have a fun experience.  The boating selection tool on the BoatingRocks.com site is a great resource for helping your figure out what type of boater you are and what boat you need.  It’s like picking out shoes.  Yes, shoes.  You want them to look good, feel good, and be functional.

Boats are the same.  You want it to look good but it also has to function for what you want to do.  Think about if you will be skiing and tubing or entertaining.  A ski boat may not be the best selection if all you want to do is go to restaurants, vice versa, why get a cabin cruiser if you want to wakeboard.  A dealer can help you out with the education process and that’s why this article is so much fun!  It’s the Boating Industry Top 100 Dealers for 2015.  These are the top of the industry and are a great resource.  It’s quite an accomplishment.

See you on the water!



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