How Do I Take a Vacation?

Asking the question of how you fit vacation time into your life seems obvious, but sometimes life happens and “getting away” seems more difficult.  That’s one benefit of having access to a boat.  Whether you buy a boat or you buy a membership in a boat club.  The ability to take one day a week becomes beautiful, relaxing, and you have that “ah ha” moment of wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.  I just read an article by ProjectTimeOff that makes sense as to why boating is actually a mini-vacation, you should check it out.

Think about it…

That one day a week that you look forward to special time with family and friends can be more attainable than two weeks far away.  Scheduling a long weekend or even just that mid week escape close to home is valuable “water therapy”.  Think about boating as you are looking to next summer’s free time activity. Remember there are 15 weeks of summer, if you take one day off every week that’s like taking three work weeks!

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View from a boat

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