How Do I Become A Boater?

Joining the boating lifestyle has never been so easy.  Use the information on this site to increase your boating knowledge! (We promise you'll be glad you did) Yes, "" is an online store filled with the "cutest little boating things" so you look good on the water.

But "" is more than a store, we want you to join the boating lifestyle.  This is where you can find information to actually become a boater and find real relaxation & enjoyment... think sun, waves, and people giggling!

You see, we're not talking about grabbing a wrench and fixing the engine in your driveway, that's so 1960's.  Today's boating involves professional repair technicians.  Let them be your partner in boating and let them maintain the engine! 

At BoatingRocks, we're talking about new millennium boating.  All we want you to do is grab your friends & family, make a splash, AND look super cute while doing it...

Boating has been around forever!  Maybe you've overlooked it as a great way to spend free time because you "don't have time".  Phooey!  Boating fits the "hussle and bustle"  because it's completely flexible.  You get fresh air, exercise, relaxation, and date nights all from the same boat!  Each time you hit the water it's a new adventure.  We at BoatingRocks like to say, "make a commitment to your free time and join the boating lifestyle."

Welcome to Boating! 

How to use this site:
1)  Download our free book (it's 63 pages of "Everything Boat") it's truly a great resource to get you on the water and keep you on the water!

2)  Click the links below and on the side bar for information on boat rentals, boat clubs, buying a boat, how to drive a boat, and even watching videos on how to hook up the tow lines for towing skiiers, tubers and wakeboarders!  It's really simple once you see someone else do it.

3)  Follow my blog.  BoatingRocks

4)  Share this site with friends and family!

5)  Shop and shop some more... there's cute stuff there, join our email list by downloading our free book and you'll get a discount coupon!

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How to Start Boating

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3)  Looking to Buy a Boat


Basic Boating Training Videos

1)  Operating a Boat

2)  Waterskiing

3)  Tubing

4)  Wakeboarding


The Boating Life Style Looks Good On You.